Children’s Corps is seeking applicants who are passionate about working with children and families, motivated to work hard, and ready to embrace the challenges of working on the frontline of child welfare.

The application is a key component of our decision-making process because the thoughtfulness and attention to detail it reveals is an early indication of your diligence and dedication to the work and success in the field.

Through this process, we hope to see your passions, strengths, areas for growth, and dedication to the field of child welfare.

We believe that working on the frontline of child welfare is vital work and we hold our Corps members to the highest standards. In order to learn more about child welfare work, we strongly encourage interested applicants to carefully read through the Prospective Member page. 


The Winter Children’s Corps application is now open. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until November 23rd. Use the Timeline Table below to navigate the application & interview deadlines.

Children’s Corps will invite select candidates to interview. Interviews are conducted virtually (Zoom) on weekend days (Saturday & Sunday) from October to December. 

All Corps Members are required to participate in our four-week pre-service training, Children’s Corps Training Academy. Training will be conducted in a hyrbid model (Zoom & in-person) during the month of January.

Winter Children’s Corps members will  begin working full-time at their placement, a NYC child welfare agency, on January 31st. Corps members commit to serving children & families for two-years.



The application is your opportunity to show us who you are and why you are passionate about this work. Please take the time to read through the application thoroughly and write thoughtful responses. We want to know more than just your credentials; we want to know who you really are and what you have learned from your experiences. Remember to proofread and ensure you’ve directly answered what each question is asking.

The Children’s Corps Team will review all applications. All applicants will receive a response. Use the Timeline Table above.

Yes, we value those who have reflected on their past application experiences and are interested in re-applying. You may apply once per cycle


If invited for an interview, you will be asked to register for a date/time. Interviews are held virtually via Zoom. All interview candidates will be asked to submit an unofficial transcript and three letters of recommendation.


All interviews are held remotely, via Zoom, until further notice.

The most promising applicants will be invited to a full-day (3 hour) virtual- interview. After confirming their interview date/time, interview candidates will receive instructions and a zoom link, via email.

As part of the process, you will:

1) watch a video

2) review a case scenario;

3) participate in an individual interview consisting of questions designed to help us understand you better and your commitment to working with children and families in the child welfare system;

4) ask the interview panel questions about the case you read;

5) develop a writing sample.

See the Timeline Table above.


If accepted, we will share resources and other information about the program and possible placements. Visit our Accepted Corps Members page.

Candidates who accept the program’s offer will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines program commitment, policies, procedures, and expectations. Signing the MOU signifies the candidate’s commitment to Children’s Corps. This includes four weeks of unpaid pre-service virtual-training, and a two-year commitment to working with children and families in one of our partner agencies in NYC.

Each year, the Children’s Corps program is fortunate to find many qualified candidates, making it challenging to place everyone. The program will waitlist candidates and will contact waitlisted candidates if a spot opens.


Yes. If you are selected to be a Corps member, you will have the opportunity to talk to a current Corps member before making your decision.

If you are selected to be a part of the Corps, you will need to accept or decline your offer into the program. Children’s Corps staff will share details with all finalized members in December about mandatory pre-service training and the agency placement process.

Deferment decisions are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Though rare, deferrals may be granted for admitted applicants who have serious emergencies or who have a unique opportunity that will significantly add to their value in the child welfare field. More information is provided when a deferral is requested.