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How to Apply

The applications period has closed for 2015.

Please check back again next fall for information for the 2016 application.

Admissions Process

Child welfare work isn’t for everyone. We believe that working on the frontlines of child welfare is vital work and we hold our Corps members to the highest standards. Our admissions process is designed to help us identify the applicants who are the right fit for working in child welfare.

We also want to ensure that our program is the right fit for our candidates. In order to learn more about child welfare work, interested applicants should:

If you think this is the right job for you, please be sure to spend the time to write a thoughtful application and proofread your responses. This application is our first introduction to you and your reasons for wanting to be a Children’s Corps member.

While you should choose a deadline based on the timeline that works best for you, there are specific advantages to selecting an earlier deadline, including:


This year the Children’s Corps program has 2 types of applicants: 1) general applicants and 2) BSW Scholars Program Applicants (read more about this program below). If you are a BSW Scholars applicant, most of the following information applies to you however you will have a separate application to complete and some variation on the prerequisites, which are explained in the BSW application section below.

General Applicants:

Applicants will need to submit an online application by one of the admission deadlines listed below. You may only submit one application per year. The earlier you apply, the earlier you will learn if you have been invited for an interview and possibly be accepted into the Corps. You should choose a deadline based on the timeline that works best for you however, there are specific advantages to selecting an earlier deadline, including:

Application prerequisites include:

Applicants will only be notified if accepted or waitlisted for an interview.

The applications period has closed for 2015.

Please check back again next fall for information for the 2016 application.

NYS BSW Scholar Program Applicants

In an effort to recruit high-achieving undergraduate social work students into the field of child welfare, the New York State BSW Scholars Program, has joined forces with Children’s Corps. Together we aim to enhance the students’ preparation for child welfare work and to provide students with a seamless pathway to employment in New York City’s private child welfare agencies.

Individuals must commit 3 years to this joint program. The first year will be spent finishing BSW coursework and participating in a child welfare seminar and internship at New York City Administration of Children’s Services. Upon graduation, BSW’s will transition to the Children’s Corps program and spend 2 in years in a full-time job with one of Children’s Corps’ partner agencies. BSW’s must participate in and complete the 4-week Children’s Corps Summer Training Academy with all other Corps members before they will be able to begin work.

BSW applicants will need to fill out and submit the application specifically designated for the BSW Scholars/Children’s Corps Program. This application will be available in mid December and can be downloaded from a link below. It will have specific instructions for you to follow so be sure to read it carefully. Please contact Marilyn Rooney, , if you have any questions.

BSW applicants who are invited for an interview will follow the same interview process as all Children’s Corps candidates (see below for more details).


Interviews are only held in New York City. Multiple interview dates will be offered (see timeline below for specific dates). If you are selected for an interview you will be asked to choose a few preferred dates and to be flexible with those dates. You will receive information about the interview process only if you have been selected for an interview.

Interviews consist of a group interview in the morning and an individual interview in the afternoon. Because candidates are scheduled in specific timeslots for the individual interview throughout the afternoon, every candidate should plan to be available until 6:00 PM.

If you are invited for an interview, you must:

  1. Submit a transcript (official or unofficial); and
  2. two letters of recommendation (at least one must be written by a professional contact - i.e. job, internship, volunteer).

We strongly advise that all applicants identify and make arrangements for your recommendations as soon as possible in case you are invited for an interview. There is not much time between the application deadlines and the interview dates, and some of your recommendations may need a little more notice. If you are selected into Children's Corps, the agencies that members are placed in will require a third recommendation. We suggest that you be prepared to call upon this third reference when the placement process begins.

Click the link below to download the Letter of Recommendation Form



Offers to join the Corps will be made within three weeks following scheduled interviews for each admission round. Selected candidates will be given a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the Children’s Corps program’s commitment to members, policies and procedures, and expectations for candidates. Candidates who accept the program’s offer will be required to sign this MOU. Signature of this MOU signifies the candidate’s commitment to the Children’s Corps program, which includes 4 weeks of unpaid pre-service training, and a 2 year commitment to working with children and families in one of our partner agencies. Candidates generally have one week to accept or decline Children’s Corps’ offer.

Each year, the Children’s Corps program finds more quality candidates than it has space for. The program will waitlist candidates for the Corps and will refer to it when candidates decline.

Click here to review the Children's Corps Admission Policies.